Absolut Titanic by Carlos Teixeira
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Absolut Titanic

January 20, 2015

Personal project with Absolut vodka big bottle.
This is a special bottle size used in bars, that I borrowed from a friend of mine. It immediately remind me of the old Absolut Vodka ads, where I could explore the size of the bottle with their image and concept. So I spent a few months experimenting with getting clear ice, that then I sculpted to the shape of a iceberg. Lighting is a gridded reflector behind the back diffuser to get that Absolut look, and a top gridded reflector to light the logo and medal.
Only thing missing is the bottom Absolut Titanic text.
This might be something the brand would never do, because of the accident and lives lost and all that, but hey, James Cameron did a billion dollar profit movie about it, so why not?

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