Bulldog Gin by Carlos Teixeira
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Bulldog Gin

January 20, 2015

For some time now I had my eye on a couple of big fluorescent lights that my dad around the house, he got them from a house being renovated, and I thought I could use them to light something. One of them had a stand, which I used camera left behind a diffuser. I found that because the flourescent lamp is so narrow, the falloff of the light is so much smaller, compared with striplights.
The other light I used freehand, and basically light painted the bottle, placing the light in several places and getting a shot, and then composited all in a single image. Initially I wanted the the light crossing the U and O to be like fangs, but then I lost the shadow in BULLDOG that gave it volume, so I opted to have just the single one.
Background light is the same freehand light just behind and below the glass table.
Good experiment with garbage lights, and try something new outside my comfort zone.

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Yechiel Orgel's picture

great work! lets get more product & still life photography on fstoppers.

Carlos Teixeira's picture

Completely agree, Yechiel. There are a few great ones around here, I was very surprised. And thank you for your kind words.

Yechiel Orgel's picture

generaly speaking:
there isnt enough diverese througout the industry to genres like, product, beverage, food, architecture, automotive.... its alot focused on fashion and such...

Carlos Teixeira's picture

That's true. I've found that fstoppers has the most of these kind of photographers, for a generalist community. And despite most of the photogs are fashion and all that, I must say that the Photo a Day is plenty diverse, which is nice to see.