Egrets Flying Towards an Early Evening Full Moon by Joey Hamner
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Egrets Flying Towards an Early Evening Full Moon

This location has spectacular sunsets, and for the last several weeks I have been trying to get a silhouette shot of the egrets flying in front of the setting sun as they come in to roost. While for the most part the sun has cooperated, the egrets have not, they've been flying just at or just below the tree line, make their silhouettes almost impossible to see due to the trees behind them.

On the day this shot was taken, storms were building out towards the west, so I knew the clouds would be blocking the sunset. However in the east the clouds started to clear making an early evening full moon visible.

I noticed some egrets flying towards the moon, and instead of the sunset picture that I've been trying to get, I got the opposite (egret silhouettes with a rising full moon).

Funny how things work out sometimes.

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