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01982 . Kindred Spirits II

Hawaii . 2018

Model: Kiko

"A hen is only an egg's way of making another egg." --Samuel Butler

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To the anonymous loser that keeps voting my images down with 1 or 2 stars... ya mama hates you as well asswipe.

@FSsupport you must know who is doing this... check your logs and fix the problem... ban the idiot!

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I'm not an anonymous user that votes you low, but two stars for this picture are from me. Why do you think that your picture is great just because you have semi-naked girl in it? Background on the left is horrible and horse's head completely overwhelmed and distract attention from the girl's face. This picture needs work in my opinion. And it is entirely possible that your other pictures are not that great either.

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On the one hand I appreciate you commenting.

1. background left... ermmm maybe there is something that could be improved but it has not distracted me until your comment. noted.

2. semi-naked girl... unwarranted dig... not relevant.

3. horses head... do not see this at all.

My main problem is that you are commenting while have zero work displayed here... always good to see what the critique person can do themselves.

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Sorry if my comments offended you. I just wanted you to know that it was me who didn't like your picture, not your anonymous critic. I'm not an artist but I feel that I can have my opinion about Mona Lisa.I'm not a writer but I can like or dislike any book. I'm not a pro photographer. I do not take pictures for a living. I would never post pictures of people - they didn't ask me to do so. I'm in a business of selling guns - but I would never post pictures of guns unless they are on my website for sale. Perhaps I could post pictures of landscapes or animals, but what is in it for me? I don't have an Instagram or Facebook, I don't care about likes nor do I need validation from anybody.
I been doing photography for 50 years and probably have 100,000 + pictures on my hard drives and cloud. The only opinions about my pictures that matter to me are mine and my wife's.
I do not post my pictures and if you are sensitive about other people opinions you may want to stop posting (unless you post for business advertisement purposes) .

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So you want just censored anyone who doesn't like your photography? You just ask FSsupport to ban someone from the community because didn't give you 5 stars? That's so wrong in so many ways and a reflection of the problems and challenges that the world has today, especially with the canceled culture...