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Top 5 Universities in the UK 2021

1. University of Oxford

Taking first location withinside the UK once more this yr is the University of Oxford, which drops one location withinside the worldwide scores to fifth. Achieving excessive rankings throughout all indicators, Oxford is the best ranked faculty withinside the UK for faculty-scholar ratio (8th location) and citations according to faculty (forty fourth location).

2. University of Cambridge

As in step with usual, it’s a conflict among the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge for first location withinside the UK rankings. Once again, it’s Cambridge in 2nd location, ranked 7th globally. However, Cambridge is the best ranked college withinside the UK for each educational and organisation reputation, in 2nd location globally for those indicators.

3. Imperial College London

Taking the bronze medal role withinside the UK is Imperial College London, the highest-ranked college withinside the capital. It movements up one role globally this 12 months to 8th area and takes 9th area globally for instructional reputation.

4. UCL (University College London)

Just lacking out on a niche withinside the UK pinnacle 3 is UCL (University College London), which drops locations withinside the international ratings this 12 months to 10th. Its maximum rating may be located withinside the educational popularity indicator in which it locations thirteenth withinside the world.

5. University of Edinburgh

Ranking 5th withinside the UK, and last the twentieth excellent college withinside the global, is the University of Edinburgh – the best Scottish group withinside the UK pinnacle 10. It ratings especially tremendously for instructional popularity and enterprise popularity, rating twenty fifth and thirty first withinside the global respectively for those indicators.

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