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February 16, 2015

This was probably my first shoot to replicate the "Playboy" look (sure it was with Leanna Decker Playboy's Cybergirl of 2012 so I guess that helps).

My only problem was I ran out of lights and the room wasn't ideal. For the classic Playboy look it's all about the rim lights, and well I used only 4. Problem was I only brought 6 lights-Key was a 86" PLM umbrella and just spared a 150w for the background. I thought I had more room to work with-until I opened up my PLM umbrella and that really limited the space I had to work because of how the room was designed. So I had to shift everything back against the back wall.
Still for my first attempt to replicate that type of look-not to shabby!

70 · f/4 · 200 · ISO 100
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Maciej Pawlowski's picture

Very flat light,

I like flat lighting, just like i like all other types of lighting. I feel it works here.

Alexander Slanger's picture

While you have a beautiful model and great location, I feel you could have finessed the lighting a bit. The rim lights are nice, but as Maciej comments, the light is a bit flat. We unfortunately cannot see her eyes (though that could have been intentional), and the background is definitely distracting. My eye is somehow drawn to the double shadow of the bed post. The rim light on her breast is a bit distracting as well. Perhaps if you had been able to move the light further behind your model, the odd shape of the highlight would not be so pronounced. I hope these comments are useful in some way. Shoot on!

Scott Van DeHey's picture

Awsome shot, nice lighting

Not to shabby Indeed!!!

Mike Anderson's picture

Leanna is a personal favorite. It looks great!!

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Well done.....