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The Elephant in the Room

Several weeks ago the local photo club had the weekly challenge theme “inspired by an idiom.” I shot this with a lot of little “secrets” and details I was hoping would come out as you look at it. What do you notice?

Shot with available window light camera left and ambient overhead light; no strobes. Nikon Z7 with 20mm f/1.8 Z lens.

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Great image. I see a very sad woman and a man with a drinking problem. For him life is good at the expense of his relationship. He has finished his breakfast while the lady has not. I'm sure I missed some of your embedded secrets.

What I notice is that you used red, blue and brown, the walls are brown (Light & dark) the man suit is tan, the table cloth is the same color of the lady's dress and the elephant tusk are the same color as the trim on the dress of the lady and the trim on the walls, along with the blue pitcher and the flowers and orange juice are close in color to the walls along with the food on the plates. Also, the plates and cups match the dress, and the table cloth. The woman's hair is red, which is a close match to the elephant red which matches the walls...the only odd thing throwing this off is the man's hat, which is more black.

The absence of the man's face represents his absence in his relationship. The woman's outfit appears similar to a maid's or servant's uniform which represents her position in the relationship. Her unfinished meal and sad expression tells of her dissatisfaction with her situation.

Very well done, at first glance it looks more like a painting than a photograph.

Very Edward Hopper.