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I originally wanted to call this "Drought," because of the horrible weather conditions we are having here in Connecticut. However, as I watched this little insect hop from one blade of grass to another one morning, drinking orbs of water to his content while soaking in the rising sun, I couldn't think of anything other than "abundance" in that moment. Perspective is everything, and the world is vast. Hell, even your backyard is more vast than you could truly imagine!

Canon-1D X Mark III
100mm · f/2.8 · 1/125s · ISO 400
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The shot kept in yellow tones reflects the drought well. Yes. The perspective here looking up to the insect supports the power of the shot. I like it!

If backyards are full of life depends what each of us provides for the animals and plants. They simply need some food. No food, no life. In case undesired plants come up, leave them. There is further life out there which needs it.

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That means a lot from you, I love your minimalist landscape photography! Thanks for the feedback, I’ve started following you.