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Laser focus

Sometimes you just luck out on a shoot. We originally planned to use this cheap laser spirit level as interest in the background and just rimlight with red. But with the perfectly symmetric look of the lovely @_lara_ung (rocking my old suit jacket) we decided to use the laser on her and got this awesome shot.

The lighting is very simple. A Flash in a beauty dish above camera as key light, the laser spirit level just above as well and an LED-Panel (set to red) from the back to give a bit of separation to Laras hair.

Oh and as an extra tip: we softened the look of the sharp laser lines using a uv-filter and a dash of hairspray (thanks to Jake Hicks for that tip). Makeshift Mist-filter.

Canon Eos R
135mm · f/2.5 · 1/60s · ISO 800
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