Jade by Chris K.
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March 16, 2015

Model: Jade Williams
Location: Photopia

See I can do natural lighting too!!!

85mm · f/2.2 · 1/60s · ISO 160
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This is that trade-off between the frame, which to me is this shot, and distance to the subject. It might be argued the subject is the room. Perhaps Chris you can let us know your thoughts. I'm not in love with the clarity of her face. Specifically there just isn't that great definition of her hair.

Chris K.'s picture

Hi Jazzman, there was several reasons why I framed the shot the way I did: the way the room was designed-I was as far to the left and away from the model as I could get. There were walls and unmoveable furniture all around. Secondly my compositions change over a given period of time-this was my "push relatively close to the edge of frame" phase. Personally I don't think its bad-had a plethora of nose room and wanted to frame the horse in the frame too and felt that was balanced with Jade.It boils down to preference and I'm a bit unorthodox.

As far as "clarity" it must be the way it was downconverted and compressed for web-the RAW version and what's on my 500px/Flickr look much better. Not to mention its highkey with natural light & shooting relatively open-there would be a bit of softness when shooting like this as opposed to with strobes.

Hi Chris, I like the fact you didn't cut anything off. I suspected the horse was an all or nothing. Hence my comment, the frame is the shot, as you purposely skewed the female form piece of the photo. I think moving perspective and trying 'what if' is so huge, so I commend you. Regarding focus, you know where it is so it must be how the file uploaded. Definitely not a bad shot, and not truly middle of the road. For me an excellent score has to be captivating and street ready, maybe a quick touch. If I could it would be 4 -.