K. Nguyen by Réjean Brandt
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K. Nguyen

March 30, 2015

Photo/Retouch: Réjean Brandt
MUA: Meagan Perron
Hair: Josie Vilayvanh
Talent: K. Nguyen

Lighting setup...
Main: 1 strobe with large gridded white beauty dish, directly above model.
Fill: Medium silver reflector

Portfolio: www.RejeanBrandt.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/rejeanbrandt
Twitter: www.twitter.com/rejeanbrandt

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Image Faktory's picture

Excellent retouch work. Are the catch lights in her eyes post process ?

Réjean Brandt's picture

Thank you! The catch lights are from the medium silver collapsable reflector I used to fill in light from underneath. Here is a photo of my setup: https://instagram.com/p/fFmnjoxJhE/

Nikolai Lev4enko's picture

Agreed - Brilliant retouch

She looks great, but on my screen, the separation between her hair and the background is lacking.

Réjean Brandt's picture

Thank you. The lack of separation was done intentionally to keep with the minimal look.