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Back To Basics

Feeling a bit down creatively speaking lately I needed to take a break of my "demanding" projects: glueing beads for 13hrs, glueing nails for 6hrs, folding paper for +12hrs, prepping about 20lbs of colored sugar, coloring 25lbs of corn starch, ... Those projects were awesome but I felt like I needed to go back to basics, try something very simple: one light, one model, a few clothes and make something good out of it.
I have very little experience with hard light and that was the time to try and play with it a bit.
I find that going back to the basics, seeings how much or little you have evolved in the past few months is great. It allows you to see what lacks behind in your work and try to correct. When I feel creatively down, I love going back to very basic stuff but doing something I don't feel confortable doing usually. This time it was hard light (and still improving my makeup skills at the same time) and I must admit, I loved using it!

Model: Sindi Arifi
Photography, makeup & retouching: Quentin Décaillet

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love this

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Looks great! For hard light is it always bare bulb/flash no modifiers right?

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I used an Elinchrom Standard Reflector on this set (18cm 70°) rather than bare bulb :)

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wow ok thx for the info!

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Great stuff