Andrea T. by Réjean Brandt
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Andrea T.

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April 22, 2015 - 9:02pm

A photo I shot for a local salon.

Model/MUA: Andrea Tiopo
Hairstylist/Colorist: Josie Vilayvanh
Photo/Retouch: Réjean Brandt

Light setup:
Main light - Strobe with large white gridded beauty dish from above
Fill light - Strobe with small softbox from below
Background light - Strobe with a standard gridded reflector behind model
Black v-flats on either side of model to absorb light and create shadows


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Sohan Dewan's picture

Good work but hair look little artificial.

Adrian Zaharia's picture

A bit more d&b on the hair would look super natural! Anyway nice photo!!

Daniel Hollister's picture

Wow, this is awesome, really nice shot.

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