Sunrise in the Bahamas by Chris K.
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Sunrise in the Bahamas

May 2, 2015

Model: Jessica Perez
MUA: Madison Idelle
Swimsuit: Love Triangle Swimwear

Well where to start with this picture...
I recently went to Freeport, Bahamas with Love Triangle to take photos of their new line of beautiful swimsuits. Typically for outdoor shoots I bring a PCBuff Einstein with a beautydish-since I'm a strobeaholic. But for this particular gig I only brought a reflector, I wanted to produce a really different look from the typical pictures I take.
I shot three sets of Jessica during this sunrise shoot-this was from the second set when I had to break out the reflector since the sun was just way to overpowering even though I really preferred just shooting with natural light for the first set. We picked a beach which faced south south east which put the sun not as much over the water but over the long stretch of beach and a treeline).
Which worked out better then I expected to get a bit of depth in the shot-if I positioned myself and Jess with the water directly in the background it would just be an endless sea of white.
I left the white balance to when we started at sunrise at about 9000k (my ExpoDisc would've been at about 4100k for a more proper white balance), but I really liked the warm tones, 4100k just seemed way to cool.

So glad I took a leap of faith and only brought a reflector to this shoot-not only did I save money on shipping it over to the location and the hassle of taking those huge batteries on an airplane (customs wasn't that happy last time with me). But I produced some amazing pictures which isn't part of my "look" which is quite different from what I typically shoot! Who knows, I just might be converted to shooting natural lighting fully after this!

85mm · f/3.2 · 1/3200s · ISO 100
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