Mika by Chris Kennedy
May 25, 2015

This was from my evening series with FL model Mika. I've been wanting to do more evening shoots outdoors lately to give me even more control over my lighting while creating a very stylized look. I just wanted to take a break from flying an overhead silk and just shooting with sunlight in general
For lighting as always I had my 86" PLM umbrella modifier for my key, used 3 rim lights-two reflectors with 10 degree grids and one 10x36" stripbox. Then had three lights for my background: one with a 60 cyan gel, and a double cto gel, and one just with a reflector to reveal the smoke.
For those curious, to reveal smoke is much like lighting rain, for it to really be visible is has to be backlit. I just used my 1k watt smoke machine with regular fog fluid. I opted not to use haze fluid since for this series so the smoke would cover more of the set. Combined with a fan and guessing a bit we could shape the fog giving it a bit more character then just randomly having it.

85 · f/5.6 · 1/160 · ISO 100
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Great tones and light. Lots of added colour which is great...nice work!

Renard McGhee's picture

Thanks for the details. It takes a lot of effort to light an entire scene like that. Perfectly balanced ratios and color tones.