Freckles and Dimples by Justin Roux
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Freckles and Dimples

May 27, 2015

Model: Brooklynne Abigail Young

Agency: The Campbell Agency/Brink Model Management

MUAH: Anh N. Pham

Photog: Roberto Inetti

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Anonymous's picture

Breathtaking Mr. Inetti!
Love the dark colors and shadows.

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Thank you Chris! A little bit out of my comfort zone here :)

I keep coming back to this such, have to believe I like it. I think I just want more out of it. I think partially it's the light and partially the frame. I would try cropping this at her shoulder, just above her armpit.

Dan Howell's picture

I agree and disagree....I am not fully comfortable with the crop but I would want to see more, not less. I would want to see both more of the model and more of the scene. I originally clicked on the thumbnail expecting to see more in the frame.

I clicked on the image because the mood was intriguing, so good work there. However, in full view, I saw that you were both 'broad-lighting' the model and framing her to feature her jaw line. I would think you'd get critique on both of those points, especially from a model agency. Creating a broader jaw line on a young model is generally not viewed as the most flattering and feminine angle.

Also in full view, I see several bothersome fly-aways that could have been easily taken care of. This makes the image look incomplete. I am specifically distracted by light color hairs that fall into the eye. I count at least three hairs or groups of hair that are falling into the eye area. These are the small details that will keep an image out of publication or use on a model's card.

Anonymous's picture

Love the full frame! Very personal when up close.

Edgy is a great style. You don't HAVE to be comfortable with a shot or concept, otherwise what would make it interesting to view? Not every image has to be checked out at pixel zoom. Everybody has their own style and opinion; that’s what makes photography fun!

Your own style can be clean or grunge or not too perfect. Up to the photographer, of course. All models look different and how you approach it is up to you. IF someone hates it or likes it, at least you made some conversation.

Mac MacDonald's picture

Every time I see this photo's thumbnail I'm compelled to click on it to see the full size image. This can only mean one rocked it! This image has such an amazing grit and emotion. It's hard to sum up, and that is a good thing. Well done.

Justin Roux's picture

Thank you very much Mac. I really appreciate the kind words.