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May 28, 2015

Talk about being a slave to your environment. This bedroom was probably the trickiest that I've ever shot in because of the amount of furniture in the way, not to mention the huge bed! But I liked a challenge and was determined to go for a Playboy-like look with the rimlights.

I positioned myself in the doorway looking into the bedroom and just barely managed to fit my 86" PLM umbrella with a white diffusion over it (each corner of it was up against a wall and the ceiling, I had to take the umbrella down in order to get to the rest of the set).

Just off to her right I had a strobe with a 10x36" stripbox. And I had two strobes on her left side-one with a 10 degree grid lighting up the back of her head and neck, and the other just with a reflector for her arm down to her hips to simulate sunlight entering the room.
Backlights: One strobe outside going into the room through the blinds to kindof simulate daylight and most importantly to do something with the boring wall. And I had strobe and flag it down a lot to put on the chair in the corner so it didn't look like a brown piece of crap behind her-just to get a bit of depth.
There are some more photos from this set on my 500px if you'd like to see more of this set and some different lighting changes

85mm · f/5.0 · 1/100s · ISO 50
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Nice camera work