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Tuscan Sunrise

Shot in the early sunlight of Tuscanny.

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Now that is a stunning shot! I really want to visit this area to photograph. WOW well done

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Tuscany is an awesome place for landscape photography, and this shot does more than well to showcase that!

Congratulations Alex :)

Vr DUBIFONK's picture

just extraordinary ! A real painting ! Definetely insipring and what an inivitation to visit this area...
Really love it ! You must be proud with a picture like this one ;-)

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Wow, just wow. Amazing light and this really looks like a painting.
Was this a single exposure?

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One view to rule them all :o)

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Amazing shot! Beautiful colors

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Where's the "Photo of the Day" badge? It deserves it - what a scene!

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I click on this image every time it comes up...so beautiful!

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painterly - evocative - storybook illustration - the morning light of a great novel - the folks in the farm house are starting to stir...

a picture worth watching!

thanks, made my morning!

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Very nice!

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This is really awesome. Do you use any application to edit?
Co-founder, Crive

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this is incredibly beautiful!!

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Beautiful shot, great execution and editing.

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