Braun Cruzer 6 by Carlos Teixeira
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Braun Cruzer 6

June 17, 2015

Another exercise to add to my current hardware portfolio. The challenge for this particular machine was to show the shape and volume, while keeping the dark background in order to give a sophisticated and technological environment. One of this model's characteristic is it works under the shower, that is something that would be interesting to show in the promotional photography. I may revisit this project in the future, in order to show this.
Lighting wise, a gridded reflector top, second gridded reflector above the camera, two side lights behind diffusers, and a background light on a boom with a gridded snoot.

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Marco Michels's picture

bela foto, parce ate 3D.

Carlos Teixeira's picture

Thank you Marco. Strangely, it's not the first time someone has said that about one of my images :)

Andrew Doench's picture

This is tight!

Norm Roberts's picture

Love the look and feel of this shot, like you said a technological environment and this is what I would expect to see. Awesome that you explain your shots!

Carlos Teixeira's picture

Hi Norm, thanks for the nice words. I've learned a lot from other photographers talking about their choices and work, so I just do the same and hopefully help someone out there.