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July 21, 2015

So here's something I haven't tried to post anywhere... an UNRETOUCHED photo.
Yes you read that right, the only thing I did in post was paint out a nipple, add logos, and shrink the photo down to an online-friendly size-so it was more like 97% unretouched.

This was from a recent shoot with Teaseum, for the entire week shooting with them I wanted to nail down the classic Playboy look for my shots for their calendar-this was from my favorite set.

Key light was just off camera left I used my go to 86" PLM umbrella with a diffusion sock so it was pretty much a huge softbox. I had a California Sun Bounce to camera right to fill in a bit of the shadows.
Camera right I had a clamshell with a 1 stop CTO for a soft rim/hair light.
Camera left a strobe with a 11-inch Long Throw Reflector and 15 degree honeycomb grid to rim light her face/chest and a second strobe with a reflector and 30 degree honeycomb grid to rim her waist and lower.
Backlighting I had a stobe with 2 stops CTB to give the background a ton of color to add a lot of contrast to the model and a second stobe with a 1/2 stop CTO to camera left to hit the floor and chair to add some warmth to the background.

This is my first time ever posting an unretouched picture, I've noticed lately that my post work/photoshop as been more and more conservative. But I've noticed a lot over the last few months how spending several more minutes in lighting and posing to get the absolute best not only out of my model, but out of the image. Not only saves me tons of time in photoshop, but just a much more flattering and realistic image.

78mm · f/3.5 · 1/160s · ISO 80
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Very nice image particularly with virtually no post edits. I have to admit though I am partial to your model so I might be a little biased. Very pretty lady and a very nice job of portraying her beauty.

Scott Van DeHey's picture

Sick gel work

Scott Van DeHey's picture

Nice lighting and gels