Sirena by Kendra Paige
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August 18, 2015

First time using a muslin backdrop, lit with a beauty fish, medium softbox, and Rosco gels. Blur was achieved in-camera by obscuring the edges of the lens, aiming for an aquatic feel.

Photography: Kendra Paige
Model: Jade Antonie
Designer: Victory Vintage Boutique by Brande Wilkerson
Stylist: Fallon Lueck-Arenaz of Histore Vintage
MUAH: Ingrid Moncada
Assistant: Chris Brodsky

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Chris Adval's picture

Great image Kendra! I was wondering out of curiously, what size of a BD do you use?

Kendra Paige's picture

Thank you! I use a Mola Demi 22".