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Galaxy Dolomites

Panoramic with the MOONSET at The Three Peaks of Lavaredo (Italy), called also Drei Zinnen, in a night of July at 2450m, during a photographic weekend with landscaper friends.
Panoramic consist of 12 shots, the foreground was lightened by the MOONSET and shooted at 1600iso f4 30", the sky at 3200 30" f2.8.

Sony a/II
14 · f/2.8 · 30" · ISO 3200
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This is really excellent. I like the way the arch of the Milkyway leads to the Moonset. I do wish there was a little more foreground/midground interest on the right hand third of the panorama but this place is what it is and you've captured it beautifully.

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thank you!

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Amazingly beautiful.

Cezary Korsieko's picture

Incredible! i love this shot!!!

r t's picture

Great idea using separate exposures.

Michael Storz's picture

Wow, stunning picture!!! I wish I could do that!
Can you tell me, how you blended the froeground and the sky together?
Thank you! :-)

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the blending is just perfect, awesome photo

Gerry Kingsley's picture

Truly exceptional!

fred lefeuvre's picture

Uncredible picture, amazing composition

William Hill's picture

Your work of art is super great. I'm glad to have seen (drooled) at it. Thank you for letting us all see it.