Otima 10 Porto Wine Bottle by Carlos Teixeira
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Otima 10 Porto Wine Bottle

September 16, 2015

Wanted to take this bottle's photo for some time, and also wanted to try the ice crystals for something, and this came about. I prepared the bottle with 3 coats of glossy varnish, and got a pretty good spray bottle, so I think the water droplets were really good. The shape of the air trapped inside the bottle was completely accidental, but I liked it, so just had to be really careful not to disturb it during the shoot. I just wished I had more specular highlights in the ice, but wasn't able to pull it off without changing the bottle lighting too much.
Lighting was a reflector with narrow grid on bottle top, strip box camera left behind a diffuser, and a speedlight under the white glass supporting the bottle, found that the shape of the vignetting was better to illuminate the bottle's interior without much falloff inside.

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