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September 18, 2015

Model & MUA: Caitlin D'Amon
Location: Coral Springs, FL

This was from the second time I shot with Caitlin. Just what a great & beautiful model to work with! Seeing that she was a Playboy model I'd go for a bit of the classic Playboy look, but since time was limited with the sun where it would be needed I really streamlined down the lights to four.

Lighting: Key was just off camera left, strobe had my 86" PLM umbrella with the diffusion sock.
Rim lights: Camera left I had two strobes, one had a 10 degree grid from her head down to about her chest, and the second just under that without a grid to separate the rest of that side. Opposite that on camera right that strobe had a clam shell softbox just to separate her other side just a bit slightly.

This was shot at the golden hour (or in S. Florida the golden 15 minutes we get)-which helped create that beautiful bokeh in the background.

110mm · f/4.5 · 1/50s · ISO 80
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Nice picture taken at the right time

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Awesome shot