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September 25, 2015

Model & MUA: Rebecca Carter
Location: Coral Springs, FL

For lighting:
Key: Strobe with my 86” PLM Umbrella (no diffusion). It was really centered-just off camera right.

Rim lights: Camera right: On camera right I had a two lights, one with a 10 degree grid and 1/4 CTO on her hair (metered about 1 stop under my key just wanted the hair to separate a little bit from the back, and one underneath it with a clamshell. Camera left was the same, but the strobe on her hair I had 1/4 of a stop over my key.

Backlights: In the lower third of the frame on the bushes and path I had a strobe which I booklit (bounce from a large/soft source I bounced it into a 48” reflector through a 4’x8’ roll of diffusion) since the light is going from a reflected source to it being diffused it’s an incredible natural and soft source of light. I didn’t want any shadows to form from the bushes onto the path. It was metered about 2.5/3 stops under my key. Just wanted a hint of natural light to separate Rebecca more from the background. Typically I booklight my key in my film and video work, it’s such a flattering way to naturally produce soft light. Just isn’t my “look” for my key in my still photography. I’d suggest to anyone who wants to produce probably the most natural looking soft light to experiment a bit with this style of lighting.
And to simulate a warm and direct sunlight into the trees I had a strobe with 1 stop CTO into the top of the treeline, can’t remember exactly where I metered it around, probably around .5 stop over where my key was set at.

110mm · f/4.0 · 1/125s · ISO 80
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