Sam by Michael Woloszynowicz
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Ian Sbalcio's picture

some people aren't so keen on the razor thin DOF for portraits like this. i love it.

Yeah, it's definitely a love it or hate it kind of thing. Glad you like it Ian!

Miguel Quiles's picture

Beautiful, dreamy portrait!

Thank you Miguel, cheers

Dylan Patrick's picture

Love this...beautiful soft light, and color, really interesting expression as well, her emotion is soft

Much appreciated Dylan, thanks!

Bryan Dockett's picture

Just doesn't get to much better then this for me.

Thanks very much Bryan!

Noam Galai's picture

Great portrait man! love it

Thanks a lot Noam! Glad to hear it.

Brad Williams's picture

So great it hurts. Your work is incredible Michael!

Thanks for the kind words Brad

Mike Kelley's picture

sublime lighting.

Thanks very much Mike

Felix Inden's picture

Gorgeous focus play and dof. She reminds me a bit of the Mona Lisa, donĀ“t know why. Great work for sure!

Dani Diamond's picture

Shoot shallow more often, I love this.

the focus is soooooo sweet and respects the shape of the face, I can imagine it's and edited blur, but DAM, the softness of her skin, the attitude, the details remaining, the kindness in her eyes, I'm so in love with your piece of work !!!!!!

coming back a few days later on that portrait, it hypnotizes me, the softness of the DOP (edited or not) is still amazing me, love it ! <3

Thanks for the kind words Anthony. The is a little bit of radial zoom blur around the outside of the head to soften it a bit more but basically 90% of the blur is just from the shallow DOF. Glad you like it :)

Wow, to have that kind of softness on the border of the face, which kind of lense do you use ? 85 f/1.2 ? 135 f/2 ?

ekene chineke's picture

l love the mood