Haily by Chris K.
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October 8, 2015

Model: Haily Waxman
Location: Hollywood Beach, FL
Love Triangle Swimwear

Continuing my current "transition" to natural lighting. I did this entire photoshoot without even a reflector... and just one lens: my goto Nikkor 85 f/1.4.
I've shot with Haily a bunch of times now. She is just stunning both inside and out-especially her eyes and really wanted to capture them and really focus on them for this shoot.
This was probably the third shoot I've ever done on the beach in the afternoon-here on the East Coast it's all about the sunrise. But the best thing about this particular beach in the afternoon is the huge shadows created by the treeline. So I had Haily pose in the trees' shadows to really diffuse the sunlight, this also was about 50 yards from the ocean so it was totally out of focus when shooting almost wide open at f/1.8.
And to keep detail in my highlights I underexposed her by about a 1/2 stop and brought up my mids/exposure in Photoshop to compensate for it.

Sadly this has been my last natural light shoot for a while... Seems all my clients lately want my typical lighting style, just hope my assistant(s) can keep up with moving a ton of lights and flags over the coming months :)

85mm · f/1.8 · 1/2000s · ISO 100
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