Jenny by Chris K.
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October 9, 2015

So here's another photo from my set with Jenny Blendermann for Teaseum-unlike the first one this is edited. I shot with her a bunch while she was down here-but all in all this was my favorite set.

Lighting was the same as previously: "Key light was just off camera left I used my go to 86" PLM umbrella with a diffusion sock... With a California Sun Bounce to camera right for fill...
Camera right I had a clamshell with a 1 stop CTO for a soft rim/hair light.
Camera left a strobe with a 11-inch Long Throw Reflector and 15 degree honeycomb grid to rim light her face/chest and a second strobe with a reflector and 30 degree honeycomb grid to rim her waist and lower.
Backlighting I had a stobe with 2 stops CTB to give the background a ton of color to add a lot of contrast to the model and a second stobe with a 1/2 stop CTO to camera left to hit the floor and chair to add some warmth to the background."

80mm · f/3.5 · 1/125s · ISO 80
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This is Lovely Chris. May I ask, when you say clamshell do you have 2 lights or it is just 1? Thanks for your response.

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Oh it was with two lights

Arindam Roy Choudhury's picture

Interesting pose, nice shot!

Excellent job . Feeling awesome after seeing this .

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The model, pose & lighting is excellent. It is only my opinion & I am new to this site. The model is positioned directly in the center of the frame. There is too much clutter in the background. It is very distracting. Thank for sharing this image