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October 16, 2015

Model: Melissa Lori
Location: Miami Shores, FL

Key light just off camera right the strobe had my 86" PLM umbrella. Now to not have the light from such a large source spill into the background I had a 4'x4' floppy cutter (48"x90") just off camera on either side of her to flag off as much extra light as I could.
Rim Lights: Camera right that strobe had a 11" long throw reflector with a 1/2 CTO on her hair, and just under that a reflector with a 10 degree grid and 1/4 CTO on her butt. Camera left and it's barely noticeable a strobe with 30 degree reflector and 1/4 CTB on her face, it was metered about a 1/2 stop under my key just to bring a little bit of separation from her face to the background. And above her I added a hair light with 1/8 CTB.
Backlights on camera right just on the other side of that flag a strobe with 1 stop CTB to spill all over the background and floor (yes I did saturate it even more in post), and the same thing on the other side but with 1/2 CTB since I didn't want the curtain to be blue and to remain magenta-ish. And way back in the background a strobe with a reflector (no grid) and 1/2 stop CTO to have a bit of a warm tint on a small select part of the background.

85mm · f/4.5 · 1/200s · ISO 200
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