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November 12, 2015

Model & MUA: Jenny Blendermann 2015

So here's another shot from a shoot with Jenny for Teaseum. While she was down here she had this cute German lingerie outfit which I though would be perfect with a bottle of Yuengling (since that's my favorite beer) in a kitchen set.

Key: Strobe with a 86" PLM umbrella and diffusion sock camera right.
Rim lighting: Camera right that strobe had a 10"x36" softbox. There was a large window there and wanted to simulate daylight. Other shots from this set showed the window so I just "enhanced" the natural daylight which wouldn't be that visible.
Camera left: was the main part of the kitchen, which I also showed in other photos in this set. I naturally wanted to give this side a bit of a warmer look so gelled both strobes with 1/2 CTO. The top strobe had a 10 degree grid and was focused on her head. And just under that, that strobe had a 20 degree grid and it and was focused on her arm to hips.
Backlighting: without a backlight for the background it would've been extremely dark in the background so I took another strobe by my Key Light and bounced it into my 6'x8' California Sunbounce. I bounced it into the soft side-and with the sheer size of the bounce it is extremely soft and flattering, which produced a nice evenly soft light into the background without distracting shadows caused by the table just behind Jenny.

82mm · f/4.5 · 1/60s · ISO 80
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Sexy expression . Thanks for sharing here .