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From a fitness shoot with Claudia. Only one of the bands behind her was there in the original shot. I didn't have enough bands to have that many at one time so we shot several frames of the bands at different angles without her on set. I composited all of the bands in Photoshop and added little shadows to them look like they were really overlapping.

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Very cool !

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Stunning image. Love the subtle background colours.

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I love it! simple but brilliant idea! "Sad it didn't come to my mind!!!" Great work!

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Nice colors!

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Love this! The bands crossing diagonally really add some dynamism.

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Great work! Simple and fun to look at :D

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gorgeous... :)

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Like the look and bands additions here, congrats on the PoTD

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Thanks Richard. Really easy to add the bands in PS. Wish I had shot more.

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I'm very glad to see her dress and styles .

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Awesome !!! Stunning image