Never Before Seen Photos Of Lana Del Rey

Never Before Seen Photos Of Lana Del Rey

I love Lana Del Rey. I love her music, her looks, and her style. I love that she self-proclaimed herself the "gangster Nancy Sinatra," and I love that she has had her sister, Chuck Grant, chronicling her transformation from a small-time unknown to a mega star. Vanity Fair just recently posted some older never-before-seen photos of Del Rey, all taken by Chuck Grant.

[Via Vanity Fair]
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blah.... made photos of my niece since she is 2.. the photos are 100x better .. but unfortunately she is not famous. so no chance a fanboy will post them on a photography blog.....

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If you have any interesting series of photos I'd love to see them.

Unless of course you are just trolling.

why should i be trolling?

do you think these snapshots (!) are soooo special that nobody can make better ones?

but i am not pushing my 5 year old niece into the public just to make a point.....

be honest... if you would not be a lana del ray fanboy you would not waste a second look on these images.

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Maybe I am suggesting you are trolling because just about every comment I can recall seeing from you recently on this blog is negative.

I never said that no one else could do better. This is a photography blog though, and if you look at my writers page ( you will see that I progressively write a lot of posts about photo series. I appreciate people who put a lot of work into their photo series. I enjoy seeing people pursue a certain topic for prolonged periods of time.

Do I love Lana Del Rey's music? Sure I do, but if I find an interesting photo series, whether it is of an artist I enjoy, or some unknown (like your niece), if it is something of interest, I will post it. I understand not everything I post on here is going to meet 100% approval from all readers across the board (my last two posts you have had negative things to say), but some people enjoy this.

What does this have to do with photography? Well for one, they are photographs, also if you noticed I linked to the photographer's portfolio, helping to expose people to new photographers they may have otherwise not known. So at the end of the day, if a couple readers of this blog discover a new photographer or discover something new that they enjoy, then I am stoked on what I have done.

Feel tree to troll on, but the offer still stands, if you have an interesting photo series, send it my way, and if I like it, I'll probably post it... That's my thing.

Pope's definately a troll. Hater's gonna hate pope troll.

The chronic depressed. No thank you.

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Stunning looking woman. :)

Sad or not, she looks and sounds stunning!

no question.. but what does THAT matter for a photography blog?  :)

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 well to me, seeing those "PHOTOGRAPHS" of her, kinda hints there was some kind of photography involved...

i guess you did not notice.. i asked what "she looks and sounds stunning" has to do with a photography blog.

anyway... these are snapshots like a million others that get no attention (for a good reason).

no need to post these images in a photograpyh blog... IMHO.. maybe they fit on a celebrity blog

trollin pope

check for interesting pics of Lana ;)

yep.. there are some images of her worth looking at. thx

still trollin pope

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 She has some nice stuff! Thanks for the link. :)

I think its more the point of the fact that celebrities are just normal people and seeing honest photographs of them isnt as easy. Some of the best pictures are of completely relaxed subjects as most people put on a front when a camera is pointed at them, even more so when they are famous.

Jesus Christ, PEOPLE. These are meant to be every-day photos of Lana Del Ray taken by her sister. They're not meant to impress you, they are meant to show her in a different light than Vogue or Elle would. People who are saying they could do better, good for you. When one of your siblings or relatives becomes famous and you chronicle their every-day story we will be sure to post them here for others to say they could do better. I like these photos. I think they are great.  End of story.

exactly.... these are boring photos except for the lara del ray fans.

next time we see another fstopper member posts boring justin bieber fotos because he is a fan.. the day after that debacle.... a danny devito fan post some fotos of danny in underwear.  ... LOL

and before you say "well you don´t have too visit f-stoppers. they are free to post what they like"

well yes.. and i say... i have the right to criticise that and voice my opinion.
at least outside china or north korea (or overmoderated american websites).

" I think they are great"

yeah.. of course.. everyone gets a LIKE these days.

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I take it you're referencing my Justin Bieber article. When did I ever post boring Justin Bieber photographs? I remember them being screenshots, and believe me after that 'debacle' I'm not a fan of his and vice-versa. Oh, and I don't remember having a penis, so that makes me female. If you're going to troll at least have the decency to get your sh*t straight. You're always more than welcome to state your opinion on any of my articles, otherwise.

dang pope.  still trollin.  now you got me trollin.  pope's trollin dirty.

And so the photos belong on a Lana Del Ray fan site maybe or something similar, but not one about photography IMHO.

This article is a fucking embarrassment to Fstoppers.

haters gonna hate

I cant believe the negativity on here. As a photography lover I appreciate seeing content like this on fstoopers. keep it up guys 

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I have to agree with all the negativity here. Just because this gal is hot and famous, these pics are here (or anywhere, actually. I'm sure they'll pop up on other sites as well). Really, it's just unwarranted. If there is ONE thing that shows through these pics, it's her ego. Aside from that, pretty boring shit.

Never heard of her.

Worthy Fstoppers content ? REALLY ? Why.....

Great serie! Thanks. (what's with all the trolling?)