One Photographer Wants To Make A Difference In The Wake Of Hurricane Sandy

One of my fellow photographer buddies, Andrew Link, the photo director for Rides Magazine, is native to Staten Island, which was hit very hard by Hurricane Sandy. Although, I never knew the extent until I saw his photo series. For a commercial car and portrait photographer, he put together quite a compelling group of photos telling the story of the difficult rebuilding process in Staten Island.

Some of the images you will see are taken of destroyed homes, once lived-in by Andrew's friends and loved ones. Read below about how Andrew has put his camera down for a moment and is taking the time to help make a difference in his community.

"I've never been a photojournalist. My last 7 years have been spent as a commercial and editorial photographer. I'm used to comfy studios and hand picked locations. However, when Hurricane Sandy tore through my hometown of Staten Island, NY on October 29th, 2012, things changed. I was out the door immediately with a Fujifilm x100 to document as much as I could. I had traded my comfy studios for being knee deep in mud and debris to capture images that would let people outside of our area know what we were dealing with. Within days, a friend had started the Rebuild Staten Island Foundation and since its inception we've helped over 1800 homes clear out debris, pump out water, throw away furniture, tear down walls, clean out toxic mold and now we're starting to help rebuild. Media attention to the struggle that still lingers at home has dwindled and I hope these photos show enough people exactly what we are still trying to deal with." - Andrew Link


Andrew asks that you please show your support to those in great need during the rebuild.

Here is the charity organization that Andrew and his friends helped put together:


















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Thank you Andrew for showing the world that there is still a need for help here on Staten Island and thank you Rebuild Staten Island Foundation for continuing to be here everyday.

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I see a lot of Jersey Shore photos/Seaside Heights... which are from Staten Island??

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There are only 5 total from outside of Staten Island. They're mostly towards the end. The roller coaster, the sunken home, the house on the beach with the small boat in the foreground, the seaside boardwalk with the stores to the left and the group of four homes on the sand. Everything else is from Staten Island.