[Pics] Stanley Kubrick's 1940s Subway Photographs

[Pics] Stanley Kubrick's 1940s Subway Photographs

Here are a few images from legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick's early career as a photojournalist. They are candid subway scenes taken with a camera hidden inside his coat. Kubrick was still a teenager when he landed a job as a staff photographer for Look magazine in the 1940's. He then started making short documentaries in 1951. The rest, as they say, is history.


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those shots look a bit like our underground (UK) today except a little less crowded, in a few of the shots people seem to be looking at the camera so maybe not all were taken with a hidden camera. I  had seen Mr K on a few occasions in St Albans near where he lived buying stationary supplies, he had a thing for stationary. There was a tv programme recently about the legacy that has been donated to the University of the Arts so everyone can enjoy his works, some amazing footage http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/film/3555934/The-Stanley-Kubrick-file...

Is that Krammer from Seinfeld there behind the newspaper?  (3rd to last shot)  lol.  

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It appears chivalry was dead even in the 40's; women in some frames are left standing.

damn, give the ladies a seat!