Timing Is (Can Be) Everything For Making Impactful Images

Timing Is (Can Be) Everything For Making Impactful Images

Here is a great collection of photos that aren't really the poster child for a technically sound photograph, but are hilariously timed. Some of these shots even look as if they were shot on an iPhone, and not a 4s (bleh). Even though I know that some, or most of these, have been photoshopped doesnt take away from the element of humor for me. It leaves me kicking myself and thinking "Why didn't I think of that?" Enjoy! via wtw

note: I tried doing some reverse searches for these photo's creators, but couldn't dig them up. If you are the owner of any of these images or know the owners please let me know so I can give a credit. Thanks!

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Great shots-right place at right time......

May be a little Serendipity to boot.

Wow I'm shocked to say that I haven't seen any of these before and I waste a lot of time on the internet. Great stuff. 

the internet is a vast and marvelous place.... O_O

Timing plays a big part in a lot of these, but perspective is just as, if not more important to most of them.

 I found this in the same kind of photo ;
Not sure there are more interesting.

I love the timing of the photoshopped bird on the sign ;)


hahaha! I loved that comment.

Yeah, seeing that one here ruined the validity of all of the others for me.

The photoshop is strong in this article. 

If I remember correctly, that UN one was staged. Different body armour and helmet than real peacekeepers, and the L85 rifle seems a bit small...

It's all about timing, being at the right place and a little bit of creativity.

classic, haha great eyes! :)

you have to be able to see (literally) to get these shots, they are on different plans of awareness...they are tricky and very powerful.

What is going on with that Obama photo?  That isn't the sun is it?  If so they did a horrible job with the dodging and burning on that one

I thought it was a stage light (you can see a black structure to the upper left of the ball of light) but I could be wrong. 

yeah all that black looks like heavy burning in photoshop to me.  It's behind Obama as well

 All that black... lol.

No matter the how, they are funny. Thx for the chuckles!

Some of these do seem staged and not about timing at all.

I think the main Photo is either photoshopped or vice versa with this photo.