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Winners of the 2013 iPhone Photography Awards Announced

Yes, the iPhone Photography Awards, or IPPAWARDS, exists. This is, in fact, the seventh year of the competition (it began in 2007), making it the longest running competition of its kind, and there are some genuinely impressive images in the mix. For the skeptics, let's not forget that the first camera phone only came out 13 years ago, and its pictures looked something like this...

camera phone picture

It's tough to ignore how far the bar has been raised with "camera phone" photography (or point-and-shoot as that's essentially what it is). That being said, we're still not to the point where we can expect iPhone images to be commonplace in an art gallery. But in another 10 years? It would be pretty foolish to rule it out.



















View past winners at

Via Yahoo

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Jens Marklund's picture

Meh. Following Kevin Russ on instagram shows a whole new level of iPhone photography.

Morten Frool's picture

As well as Chris Ozer, Cole Rise, Croyable, Finn and many many others. :) (me: @mortenfrool)

Terrence Jerod's picture

and me @blkpxls

Alejandra Gp's picture

Thanks for telling me about him! (:

stefano druetta's picture

bitter post:
take a girl with above-the-average eyes, cover her head with some rough cloth, shoot up close, and you'll have your own mccurry styled portrait! so brilliant!!

happy post:
I love the fact that such a contest exists, camera phones changed the relationship between people and image creating and consuming in a much more radical way than oskar barnack's inventions. amazing.

Christopher Hoffmann's picture

I concur in both points. 1) it's not a McCurry image no matter how much the creator wants it to be. 2) these are (for the most part) wonderful images no matter what they used to capture them.

tristan lamour's picture

Not to boast, but I and many of the people I follow on Instagram, competes with and surpasses these iphone pictures that I just scrolled through.

Jason Vinson's picture

links or it didnt happen... lol

Radoslaw Kazmierczak's picture

Did you even use Insta app? Don't need links. Lol. You have to skip pics of pets, nails, legs, food and exotic wannabe stars. Scroll through for a 5 min. You will see that awarded photos are simply... ordinary.

tristan lamour's picture

lol. its my name. @tristanlamour

Terrence Jerod's picture

yep...follow me on instagram for something better than these @blkpxls

Jason Barker's picture

Your description says, "Canon 5Dmk2 & 7D + iPhone 5". This contest isn't for prosumer DSLR users.

Terrence Jerod's picture

99% of my instagram is iphone 5 shots....

iKid-iKid's picture

Today I learned: If you do not live in a far away exotic land you will not win photography awards.

Randy Little's picture

BS, You just can't show people what they can see out their own window. You have to find the new where you live. The unique where you live. Why would I want to see a photography that I can just see every time I go outside or something that has been photographed 6 zillion times.

Ralph Hightower's picture

Is someone trying to replicate McCurry's "Afghan Girl"?

stefano druetta's picture

like all of the time.

Mister Mike's picture

No, they're ripping off Lauri Laukkanen's "A Deep Gaze"

Massimo Pizzochero's picture

What if you strip all of these instagram effects out of the equation? Would this pictures have the same impact?

Eric Pare's picture

Everything here is about good composition.

Mr Lonely's picture


Chris Adval's picture

the trees photo, by far under processed. Worst choice out of all of the photos displayed shown.

Terrence Jerod's picture

I put NO value on a CONTEST that CHARGES to submit... Pay for entries........what is this a photography themed raffle?

Vernon Klein's picture

Consider that Lauri Laukkanen's image has been around since July 2012:

The so-called winner could have tried for some measure of originality...