World's Largest Treehouse - A Photo Story by David Walter Banks

World's Largest Treehouse - A Photo Story by David Walter Banks

Horace Burgess says he was given a sign from God back in 1993. He had a vision of an enormous treehouse, and was instructed to start building. Nineteen years later, Burgess has constructed the largest treehouse in the world. It sits in Crossville, Tennessee. This beast is 9,000 square feet, has ten levels, and is held together by approximately 258,000 nails. Atlanta-based photographer David Walter Banks was recently sent by Le Monde to capture photos of this grand edifice.

While there, Banks crossed paths with a youth group that stopped in to worship in the treehouse's sanctuary. He got some gorgeous images of these kids, Burgess, and the structure. Although I'm just a hundred miles down the road in Nashville, I still haven't stopped in to see this place. But I've been told that Burgess is one of the most kind and welcoming people you'll ever meet. Hope y'all enjoy these images as much as I did!

Via: The Photo Brigade

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John Godwin's picture

And God said, "Build an enormous tree house, for some reason...".

And Horace Burgess did exactly that, rather than seek psychiatric treatment for schizophrenia. 

John, instead of ridiculing Mr. Burgess and calling him mentally ill why don't YOU spend 19 years of your life and make a work that will make the world marvel. 

I think he's not moking the work, but rather the motive...

No one is criticising the work Joan of Arc, Napoleon, Van gogh, and others... but they WERE bat shit crazy none the less...

the whole structure would be just as impressive without JESUS on the front lawn....

John Godwin's picture

Well, just one reason, really. One would take mere seconds, and the other would take 19 years.

Wow! Inspiring and awesome!

RUSS's picture

If I were given a vision of something and then felt compelled to make it happen, it would happen.
 And all the internet yahoos, and other people who didn't like it, could hit the bricks and go pack sand.
Personally, I APPLAUD all those folks that aren't afraid to say they believe in god.
And if an entity gave me a vision, and told me to build it, I'd put it's name on the lawn too.
 Horace Burgess did a damn fine job.
Good going Horace! :-)

★✰★P.S. 32★✰★'s picture

only with the help of God could you even achieve this... 

John Godwin's picture

 Agreed, if God hadn't chopped all that wood for him it would've taken twice as long.