WWII: Women at Work

WWII: Women at Work

World War II changed the world, no doubt. But many of these changes likely weren't even predicted. What seems so normal now was a rare occurrence before the war: women working real jobs (and getting paid to do it). World War II really changed the way the world saw women in the workplace, giving them a place there to begin with. Blogs.Babble.com posted an article including 20 photos of these hard-working women -- a movement that led to the now-famous "We Can Do It" slogan.
These photos originally come from the Library of Congress on Flickr.

Find more photos in the original article.
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This is so amazing, wow. With out photography history would be forgotten. 

and we call them the weak sex jajaja

Shame on us

Taking care of a home and family is a "real" job.