How To Add Patterns To Clothes in Photoshop

Was your portrait lacking the interesting wardrobe you wanted it to have? Are you planning a shoot but can't attain the range of garments you're after? Well, here's how you can revolutionize pieces of clothing in post.

You could be forgiven for thinking that these sort of retouching techniques are so niche, you'll never use them. You might even be right about that. But the thing with Photoshop — really any retouching techniques — is the components that make up the skill are often widely applicable. Furthermore, you may find that having something like this in your arsenal will open up options in the future. That is, because you have the skill, you have an idea for using it.

There are many uses of Photoshop I didn't think I'd ever need to use. For example, I used to think that changing the color of clothing was a bit silly: just prepare better for your shoot and have the right garment there. The truth is, that's just not realistic. Sometimes you spot opportunities for a great shot on set but without the right clothes or accessories with you, sometimes you spot the same opportunity in post, and sometimes, what you want doesn't even exist — I've had all three when shooting fashion. So, sit back and learn from Unmesh Dinda, the greatest free Photoshop resource there is, and add another tool to your kit.

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