10 Incredible GIFs Showing How Aging Changes Our Appearance

10 Incredible GIFs Showing How Aging Changes Our Appearance

It's always amazing to see childhood photos of old people you know and see how they looked when they were our age (or younger). Sometimes they look almost identical, sometimes they look like 2 different people. Aging is something unpredictable and there is no real way to know how it's going to affect each face and what is going to be the 'final result'. In this interesting project, Jan Langer photographed 10 elderly people to match a photo taken of them 50-60 years earlier. Check out the before/after in 10 GIFs below.

One noticeable thing in all photos is the known 'random fact' that the ears and nose are 2 body parts that never stops growing and getting bigger - from birth to death.











[Via Jan Langer, Aktuálně.cz]

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paulfrederiksen's picture

So this is what I have to look forward to?

ThisisChris's picture

Pretty much.

Gindy51's picture

You have to remember these old folks are a different generation of people, they had a very hard life during the depression and lack of health care may have contributed to their more aged appearances. My grand dad was 90 when he died and he was hardly wrinkled at all, no skin spots either. He was pretty well off during the depression and wealthy enough to afford Rolls Royce health care (forget the Cadillac plan, not good enough for gramps.)

Matthew Lake's picture

No. Support aging research. Look up SENS Foundation.

Carl Pham's picture

If you're lucky. If not, you will be dead instead.

FinnHuckster's picture

Well, I'm sure those folks are good company so that's something to look forward too. Those that know you at such an age might not be so lucky with the attitude, as distinct from wit, you display here. The assumption today that insult = wit is a false one.

paulfrederiksen's picture

"The assumption today that insult = wit is a false one."

You make the assumption that it's an insult and that those people have good company. Many people live their life very lonely.

Justin Haugen's picture

What a buzzkill lol

Brian Williams's picture

Wow - look at everyones ears. . . they just keep growing!!!

Gatorblu's picture

Noses too!

qofe79's picture

Gravity... it's a b*tch... :-)

Gindy51's picture

That's cartilage for you, always trying to out do everything else.

Sean Shimmel's picture

As RUSH cryptically and hauntingly reminded (through morse code) in its Roll The Bones concert program, "Remember Death"

Spy Black's picture

Yeah, no consolation in growing old. One or two of those guys looked scarier when they were younger tho...

Jason Ranalli's picture

What the hell is this? Those people look just as creepy then as they do now....Jesus...

FinnHuckster's picture

Says the guy without his own creepy picture.

orlandomike's picture

No, that is his picture. A circle and half moon.

Ahmad Al-Joboori's picture

I don't know if I am right! but I felt it should be young then slide to old

Gatorblu's picture

I think old to young is better. I makes you realize inside everyone of those old people is a young person.

Ahmad Al-Joboori's picture

hmmm, interesting way to think about it

jaredswilliams's picture

Chronological seems more logical at first thought, but I like that abstract way of thinking, I agree!

Lily's picture

But why should there be a young person inside each older one? It feels incredibly sad and certainly less dignified to fall to that assumption that age is something to be peeled back. Live for today.

Carl Pham's picture

Because that's the way it actually feels. Nobody who is 75 and looks in the mirror isn't a little bit shocked, because you *feel* like you are still the 7 year old boy or girl who first looked in the mirror. Aging isn't experienced the same way inside as it is from the outside.

FinnHuckster's picture

The man isn't implying plastic surgery or a reverse aging process; he's suggesting to stop treating the aged negatively because they are no longer young appearing.
I stood on a train 8 hours after a train compartment full of people at least 10 years younger then I declined to offer an elderly woman a seat. And had the nerve to say they would not allow her to have a seat near them because then they would have to talk politely because she could hear them.
Live for today. So go to it. Must be better things to do than to surf the internet.
Nothing is sad at knowing the elderly still want to live the pleasant, active lives as they hopefully could when they were young. What's sad is people like you imply that should be denied to the elderly because you don't consider them beautiful anymore and hence not entitled to enjoy beautiful things as consider themselves beautiful or behave youthfully. Don't mistake obnoxious, faddish, Hollywood style 'cool' behavior for being youthful behavior. They are somewhat opposite. Hollywood faddish behavior is ghoulish and insulting and the clothing and language required to effect it changes over the years as fads while youthful behavior is helpful, vigorous, pleasant, and heartfelt at any age. What age shows in these people, is a respect for care and respect for others and that has to be learned at a young age. To suggest their innocent souls are less then what they were because they are no longer young is an affront to decency.
In fact if people were born with wrinkles and they lost a wrinkle for every good deed and every good thought in prayer for others they'd probably look something like the pictures of their youth. Very few would wind up with more wrinkles. Think of that.

Disqus's picture

Are these photos used in Haunted Houses to scare little kids?

Brian Green's picture

Anyone else totally fixated by how much bigger these people's ears got? What's with our ears getting bigger as we get old?

Josh Souza's picture

I hope not my ears are already big enough.

Ian Williams's picture

I bet it's evolution's way of ensuring that we hear and smell better as we age since our senses diminish greatly as the years go on.

EmCamDav's picture

Your ears and your nose do not stop growing as you age - they are also one of the few places other than the gut that continue to produce stem cells.

orlandomike's picture

I am an Obama fan, overall and not into making fun of him, but he must be afraid of that comment.

Anthony Perlas's picture

Not as good as that other one where you hardly notice them aging over time.

Amy S's picture

That's amazing. I wanted to know all of their stories!!!!!!! And I agree, I would have liked it better if it slid from young to old! But very nice set of photos!

orlandomike's picture

i wish it were a video file where you could pause it

Mariano Honrado's picture

The last frame is a video clip and transforms young-old-young-old

Vickie Sampson's picture

I wish they went from young to old instead of old to young. Fascinating just the same!

Kammie @ Sensual Appeal's picture

Oh man...

Gail's picture

I loved this idea, when the time comes I would like to do one to incorporate it in my mum and dads slide show then all the photos in between, my mum and dads face now as older (not old yet) show me how many years of love they have had in their faces and what they have achieved in their lives. it is not scary or horrible, its beautiful, it happens, to all of us and at least we can look forward to getting old, how many people don't get that chance.

John Schimon's picture

This is depressing

yestradamous's picture

Not all old people look quite this elfin. Cheer up!

orlandomike's picture

What would be depressing is if you wear those glasses in a dark bar.

ThisisChris's picture

Man, I wish they showed some African individuals so that i can see where my fate lies. As most of you have. WOW :-(

orlandomike's picture

google Nelson Mandela.

Metalurgico Rubberized's picture

Quit your job and enjoy life!

Hira.ch's picture

Aww k.

Ben Kolt's picture

This is the worst use of GIF I've ever seen. I expected to see a progression of people over time, not some amateur PowerPoint transition effect. What a total waste of time and electrons.

orlandomike's picture

yes, especially when simple morph software has existed since 2000

Final_Word's picture


jaredswilliams's picture

Some of those people were better looking old than they were young.

Randy Underwood's picture

Quit your job and live it up~!

YOLO's picture

Pro-tip: wear sunscreen

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