10 Incredible GIFs Showing How Aging Changes Our Appearance

10 Incredible GIFs Showing How Aging Changes Our Appearance

It's always amazing to see childhood photos of old people you know and see how they looked when they were our age (or younger). Sometimes they look almost identical, sometimes they look like 2 different people. Aging is something unpredictable and there is no real way to know how it's going to affect each face and what is going to be the 'final result'. In this interesting project, Jan Langer photographed 10 elderly people to match a photo taken of them 50-60 years earlier. Check out the before/after in 10 GIFs below.

One noticeable thing in all photos is the known 'random fact' that the ears and nose are 2 body parts that never stops growing and getting bigger - from birth to death.











[Via Jan Langer, Aktuálně.cz]

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FinnHuckster's picture

LOL, unless there is a big change in lives of most youthful commenters on the internet they will dream of being so mobile and fit should they reach such an age.

Alexander Seifalian's picture

for those do not like looking old there is always cosmetic surgery, although not always work !!!

Head First's picture

This is scarier than the 'faces of meth' website.

FinnHuckster's picture

No, it isn't. You are though. Now go visit one of those mug shot sites and win the triple crown of asinine creepiness.

xbox361's picture

accept that you will age, embrace the moment you are in.

Jeff's picture

Hideous, just hideous.

submandave's picture

Gravity's a bitch. The first space-faring generation will produce the best looking old folks we've ever seen.

John Dykers's picture

More important than appearance in the change in TIME perspective and death perspective.
To a 15 year old, 15 years is forever; to an 80 year old, 15 years is just recently! (Oh to be 65 again!)
To the young, death is like a volcanic eruption, to be avoided at all costs. To us older folks, death is like a neighbor we know we are going to visit sooner rather than later, hopefully not today as we still feel too good! Verbalizing this helps older and younger folks talk about end of life plans more congenially.
""If you can fix me, please do. If you can't fix me, please help me avoid pain, fear, air hunger, nausea, thirst, loss of my dignity, and prolonging the dying process. I understand it may take a few days to determine whether you can fix me or not." (and remember that thirst is better relieved by moist mouth swabs than by IV fluids that prolong the dying process, and that air hunger is often better relieved by morphine than by oxygen that prolongs dying.)

Denise Leitzel's picture

We can count on our lips getting thinner and our ears getting bigger!

Guest's picture

you are right the nose and ear never stop growing because of cartilage's what if we implant them all over our face hmmmmmm. jk

nana's picture

y is my comment copied ?

nana's picture

you are right the nose and ear never stop growing because of cartilage's and stem cells growth what if we implant them all over our face hmmmmmm. jk

LaraH2's picture

so many downturned mouths in the old people. so much disappointment.

DoseOfTruth's picture

White people age terribly

orlandomike's picture

it's called melatonin and sunscreen, or lack of it. I think Indians probably age the best.

James Baxter Ogilvy's picture

Amazing! I am NOT going there! LOL I'll be on the Cosmetic Surgeon's table tomorrow! Move over Joan Rivers! It's my turn!

Dias Carry Co's picture


orlandomike's picture

Well they had same angle shot, they could have used a morph program to go from young to old rather than a slide swipe transition.

orlandomike's picture

Eckhart Tolle in "A New Earth" talks about this. We tend to give cute names to old people. It is often even illegal to view a dead body unless you are a close kin, until the funeral and then your made up to look better. But alot of it is that we are a "doing" society not a "being" one. older people are being. Our society says, "being" what do you DO with that?" So we look at old as sad or all done. When this really shouldn't be a look at the aging process but a look at the inside evolving process.

Photography Studio's picture

Wonderful, Incredible Change!

David Pate's picture

I am doing a school project speech on the nose. Would you be able to give me permission to use these photos in my speech? How would you like me to cite them? Thank you so much for your help.

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