16 Lovely Landscape Photos by Angus Clyne

Angus Clyne has had multiple posts on Fstoppers and continues to create amazing images. This time he has shot some incredible landscape shots.

Clyne uses a Canon 5D mark ii and prime lenses only. Take a look at the 16 amazing landscape shots of his.

If you would like to see more of Angus’s photography, check out his Flicker page here. Angus Clyne Flickerstream


via - thephotographybloger.com

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I have admired his work for the longest time -- thanks for sharing :) 

Some cracking pics - a few of the locations are fairly close to me as well!

Good to see your work featured on such a big website!

The majority of his work is faked in photoshop. He did a talk at a camera club a year ago. His images are actually made up of dozens of different images that he puts together over days in photoshop. He bans people from his Flickr stream if they comment on his processing fluffs. All his images have im possible pure black areas he calls "shade" next to areas with lots of fake detail. Look at the beach grass photo above. You can see it was either taken at two different times of the day or it's two different images. There's sunlight on the grass but the sun is below the horizon!?

if is like you say, still require some talent don't you think? is not my favorite kind of photography but appreciate the work behind of them.

Not just my say so Felipe :) Plenty people on Flickr and Red Bubble will tell you the same thing. His techniques are very rough and just copied from other people so is that talent?  (He copies from Patrick Smith) I have no problem with anyone creating work in photoshop if its original, but no respect when they say it's "not" photoshop. If he didn't get explored on Flickr, no one would give a second look.

hmmm interesting...