Amazing Void Earth Pilot Series

Amazing Void Earth Pilot Series

Warsaw-based photographer Dominik Smialowski created this amazing photo series, titled "Pilot's Melancholy," using void landscapes and a single character, a pilot. The cinematic feel behind these frames is really compelling. Enjoy!

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That's an interesting idea. I like the one's where you can't see his face better than when you can.

Ground control to Major Tom...

This is really awesome. I'm definitely digging the space suit. 

AMAZING! nice find!

Iceland.  One of the few truly breathtaking places in the world...

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 One of the many breathtaking places in the world....

sounds like prometheus' mood.
Awesome job

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That last shot actually looks like it could be the same spot from the opening shots of Prometheus the film.

Cool series.

A nice example of how to make good pictures without being confined in the canonical rules (foot crops, straight horizons etc)...nice work!

fantastic series.

Awesome costume!

Hmmm.. Odd.
I don´t quite know what to make of this. To me it feels like its a bit to inspired by other images. My assistant did a project back in 2010 that is almost identical to this one, both shot in Iceland and both have the same pilot suit. According to the EXIF data on these files they are shot in 2011. Well for what its worth I think that Gisli´s output appeals more to  my taste... here is the series he made.

This is not new....I have seen Gisli Dua's pictures before and this serie feels like a copy paste of his idea and pictures. I agree with Runolfur.

these two series have enough to separate from each other - I think the root of Dominik series is the work of Gisli

in the Podcast of Jeff Curto he quoted Hemingway as far as I remember something like "you can steal art as much you like, but be sure to make it better"  - and Dominik did this, in my point of view