Amazing Wet Plate Photography By Mark Sink

Amazing Wet Plate Photography By Mark Sink

Today I was introduced to the photographic works of Mark Sink. Mark utilizes wet plates for a lot of his work. Wet plate photography involves shooting onto a large plate of metal or glass and then immediately developing it after shooting it. I won't get into too technical of details about it, because to be 100% honest with you, I have never done it. With that being said, I love the way that wet plate photos often turn out. Invented over 150 years ago, it looks like wet plate beat Instagram to the punch. (That was a joke)

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Ian Cooke769 copy

jeromie009 copy



Merian BNC110b

rose kristen074b

Stephanie BNC116b

tara107 copy



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These are great photos but I had to chuckle just a little bit. Some of us spend hours in post trying to get a look exactly like these but can never quite get it right and this guy steps up to the plate (pun intended) and knocks it out of the park. With the real process!

Wonderful photos! Why do the people look so real and vintage? Oh, yeah, because they're not all photoshopped! Just like the old days! Amazing how differently people look when they haven't been run through photoshop! My hat goes off to you for keeping it real! Beautiful!!!

Vai, țâța

Beautiful, intriguing work.

Nice work!

Hauntingly beautiful. I stared at these a long time trying to figure out what it was that resonated so much with me. Fantastic portraiture.