Annie Leibovitz's Latest Vogue Shoot Is Causing Controversy

Annie Leibovitz's Latest Vogue Shoot Is Causing Controversy

For me, it seems like hurricane Sandy was forever ago. Then again I live in Las Vegas, and I wasn't affected by it. Talking to friends and family back east though, it's a different story. Vogue is catching a lot of heat from angry readers, saying that their latest fashion shoot by Annie Leibovitz is exploiting and profiting off of the recent natural disaster.

The shoot is meant to highlight the "bravest and brightest," and features models with people who were instrumental in the recovery efforts. Although it would seem Vogue's intentions are pure, people are still upset. It is important to note though that The Guardian pointed out that since the beginning Vogue has been helping in relief efforts, having raised over 1.7 million dollars. In my opinion I don't think Vogue has done anything wrong, they spotlighted some brave and wonderful people in a way that is unique and very Vogue. Considering all they have done to support the relief efforts, I think that getting outraged over a shoot that was meant to feature people crucial in the relief efforts is a little overboard. What do you think?

vogue_fashionshoot_00 vogue_fashionshoot_02 vogue_fashionshoot_03 vogue_fashionshoot_04 vogue_fashionshoot_05

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Brian Hawkins's picture

The concept sounded odd at first, but after seeing the photos, I really like it.  Very fresh, creative, and perfectly executed.  I'm don't see anything controversial about it.  People are too sensitive these days.  

Right there with ya

The images are awesome and pay respect to all the hard working folks who have helped and still help with the recovery from that hard hitting storm. Great job Annie!!

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I think they're great 

this pictures are great, why is it that people would alway find something negative to say even if it doesn't make any sense, if you dont like it dont buy the magazine. 

harry's picture

As a service member, maybe it's just me but I don't get it...

The best shots where the concept kind of blends seamlessly is the Coast Guard shot and the Police chopper shot.  The others are kind of lost on me.

I agree. Those two seem to fit perfectly together, while the others look like the photog was trying too hard. I do appreciate their efforts and intent behind the images though

Mike Kelley's picture

Harden up, America.

I was half expecting to see Bette Midler and friends in their French  party dresses

Not a fan. Pay homage sure but the models look silly. I don't feel like it's saying anything negative or controversial, I just don't think it's that great of a concept. Steven Meisel may have done it better :)

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I agree... it doesn't really "work" for me.. but whatever floats their boats.

People will always find something to bi**h about. Nothing wrong with the concept or the photos. 

I have to say that these images don't look that "stunning" to me..
I mean, compared to all of her other work, this is below her standards, imho.
 Controversy ?  Nah .. Not even close..

But I'm from The Netherlands, we hardly ever do "Controversy" here.. Grow-up I'd say to the ones that have a problem with these images.

I know it's Vogue and all but I think they could have done without the supermodels on this one and just featured the first responders. Disclaimer: I wasn't affected by Sandy

The only reason I would discredit her work for Vouge is because in each of the images shown here, the models are placed in very constrasting colors compared to the rest of the image, which pulls the eye to them, making them the focus instead of the heroes they are claiming to honor. Other than that, I don't find the images to very captivating or reek of high fashion.

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It is Vogue howevr, which is all about fashion. Not Popular mechanics

big fan and think Mike Kelly was spot on in his comment.

Looking at these photos, it seems to me that she is trying to use the models to show the first responders in a positive way. I understand that there is lot of bitterness in the East about the way things were handled after Sandy, but these people did their best and deserve all the credit we can give them.

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Folks Should shut up. Vogue help to raise over a million bucks. So they have to get paid. lol Only in the US folks bitch about everything. lol Images are nice.

Some people should lighten up in their oh so tender sensitivities. 

I think it's great images. Glad the real heroes can join.

I think it's great images. Glad the real heroes can join.

Wow, these are awesome. I can be a Leibovitz critic at times but I really enjoyed this series. 

The best artists are those who manage to get the world talking about their work.

I can see both points of view being reasonable.

not bad. but most important the "heroes" agreed to do it. and it seems like the enjoy the shoot. so its a good cause.. and vogue raises money for charity. 
but the pictures itself - meh, fashion and vogue seen better than than. probably nobody would remember them at the end of the year...

Meh. I don't think there's anything controversial about these, but as mentioned above, I don't get the models with the setting. 

Ooops!  They forgot motion blur on the tail rotor.

Really crap idea....the juxtaposition of real people doing real jobs alongside the completely irrelevant fluff of the clothes horse brigade is as asinine as you can get.

I live in NJ and haven't heard one single comment from anyone including the local news channels with regard to this so called "contoversy".  

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I totally agree with most of the comments here, it's fresh and perfectly executed. Yes people are way too damn sensitive these days. Damn strawberry generation.