The Black And White Photography Of Dave Hill

The Black And White Photography Of Dave Hill

When it comes to composite photography, no name rings louder in my mind than Dave Hill. Looking at his photos and watching the behind the scenes videos on his site get my mind racing, the guy has a photographic eye many of us may never even begin understand. With all that being said though, Dave Hill also shoots some gorgeous black and white film photography. It's amazing to see the intricate stuff he shoots digitally and the beautiful simplicity of his b&w film work.
















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These are mostly shot with his Leica m8 I believe. 

If I remember correctly, it might have been an M6TTL. *pushes glases up like a nerd* That being said, the M8 is a lovely little camera as well.

You are correct Dave shoots a M6

That really would be amazing if he could fit black and white film into a digital Leica M8. You win again, Dave Hill.

this is damn good shit

Why does everyone look so bored?

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looking bored is the new artistry. lol

zooey deschanel <3

Oh yes. ;-)

 It's Dooey Zeschanel. Less than three.

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Personally i'm not that impressed. Don't care the subjects are famous.

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 Think you're missing the point- he has a great ability in capturing emotions and moods in these photos, famous or not.

Agreed, go to Dave's site and view some of the images he has been making in Africa, they are amazing

I like these a lot more than what we are used to see from him! So much more emotion and personality!

Overall not impressed at all~!

IMHO. If the subjects and photographer didn't have fame we would not be looking at these photos on Fstoppers... And I love Dave Hill.

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You're probably right to an extent. The only reason I came across them is because I am a fan of Dave Hill's work. Then again if I saw these on someone else's portfolio I would still like them a lot, and I bet I still would have posted them. Good photos are good photos, whether Dave Hill shoots them or some little girl in Alabama.

I'm from Alabama, but my shots don't compare to Dave Hill's :)

love the shot with 50cent and zooey!

A nice mix. Long live film is what I say.

Remember these shots are mostly made durring the big shoots he was doing, you notice the people in his photos are those who fill his music portfolio. That said he probably took these shots durring pauzes in the shoots. talking about dedication for your good shots.. 

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Does anyone know if these are natural light?

Mostly yes, for the artificially-light style he typically shoots in would not be possible to do in film, let alone a rangefinder. There was a shot or two that I remember he said he used an SB800 or something, but it wasn't any of the above photos, as memory serves.

These are good photographs regardless of who took them.  What might make them seem special are the subjects. Most people can learn how to operate a camera including a $2000.00 point and shoot camera film or digital really doesn't matter.  What is most important is being there and in having access to locations and people. I think that David Hill is am amazingly talented and creative photographer and that is why he has earned the right to have the access to these kind of people.

All the beautiful people