The Canadian: Ghost Train Crossing Canada

The Canadian: Ghost Train Crossing Canada

The Canadian: Ghost Train Crossing Canada is a personal series from photographer Jeff Friesen interpreting his, and a seeming universally shared, urge to explore Canada. "My own cross-country exploration is done by taking the train, but not in the usual sense...I carry the train rather than it carrying me. The train is just two inches tall, and it’s a ghost from another age. This is the vintage 1955 streamliner that was first named 'The Canadian.'"

"There’s plenty of magic left to find in country big enough to hide mountain ranges. Considering Canada is 8000 kilometres (5000 miles) wide, it’s remarkable how many people set out to cross the country from sea-to-sea. With so much ground to pass beneath you, this is one pilgrimage where the journey really is the destination. [...] It’s hard to make sense of living in a big country. Maybe that’s where the sea-to-sea travel urge comes from."




















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Awesome idea...I love the photos ( I was getting kinda tired of the same instagram-like photos of "astounding young photographers")...this one is truly original, not to mention that it's beautifully accomplished.

Joe Russo's picture

hahahaha awesome! so cute!

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I have been on that train across teh praries in the 70's. My bos was too cheap at the time to fly. Saw it sitting in Halifax last year

great concept 

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bravo for doing something actually a bit different :)

Fave shot is the woods/moss crossing one for me


for the severeal first pictures, i thought they were real, lol

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Canadians have trains now?
Ohhhh,,,,, it's a toy train...

:) love the pics. Very creative idea and the pics came out superb.