Chasing Immortality: A Photo Series About Cryonics And Living Forever

With the advancement of science, we're starting to wonder if immortality is really possible. This series of photos by Murray Ballard explores Cryopreservation. This is basically people who have their bodies preserved in the hopes that they can be revived in the future when technological and scientific advancements have reached a point where they can come back to life and continue living on much longer. 

However, nothing is for certain and we don't know if this will be a possibility for sure just yet. It's been a topic that has shown up in films like Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and Vanilla Sky but will it really become a possibility?

Whilst members have often been ridiculed for their views, Ballard takes an objective stance, allowing the viewer to consider the ethics of the practice, and to decide whether members are caught up in a fantasy world or are actually furthering genuine scientific innovation. Alongside fascinating representations of the technical processes, Ballard sensitively portrays the people involved, offering a human dimension to his account of this 21st century attempt to conquer the age-old quest for immortality.

Would you really want to come back to life in the future?












Be sure to check out the full series here:


[Via Laughing Squid via Wired]

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i dont know.... i just dont know... :  feel weird.

as for that ambo - its dropped to the floor habibi! 

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Wish these photos were captioned...