Crazy Amazing Images of the Inner Workings of Amazon During Holiday Sales

Crazy Amazing Images of the Inner Workings of Amazon During Holiday Sales

I love Amazon. I shop there all the time, and I actually took care of 90% of my Christmas shopping through Amazon (the other 10% through Gilt). You have to at some point imagined what life looked like in the shipping facility during the holiday season, and these images really show how crazy huge their operation is.


[Via Pogue's Twitter]

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They're images of a crazy amazing place, but I wouldn't say they're crazy amazing images.

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 Fstoppers has had a problem with sensationalism recently, unfortunately.

'If it makes your eyes bleed, it leads"

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No wonder they call it AMAZON!!

The images aren't world-class but it sure is awesome to see this oompa-loompa factory :)

Dear FStoppers,

please stop with these pompous, over excited and dramatic titles of articles.
Yeah, the images are good, cool, nice, solid… but not CRAZY AMAZING.

Stop being Apple.

Dear Jernej,
There are two things that can happen here.  1. Just find another photography website and complain there or 2.  Keep your silly comments to yourself

Tim, there are two things that can happen here. 1. People add their own commentary to stories posted on websites through the use of modern technology or 2. We can pretend this is all still newsprint delivered by a kid on a bicycle. 

Get a grip. The images are not stellar. The scene is incredible. The commentary is precisely on-point. Why discourage that? 

Hey, did you know you don't have to read the comments?! If they bother you, you can just click through to another story or another site! See how that works?

(Incidentally, I can't help but comment on how difficult I found it to emulate your style with virtually no understanding of punctuation conventions or, you know, bidirectional logic. What a mind-numbing experience.) 

Dearest perceptionalreality (whomever you may be hiding behind that name) 

you are correct the images are not stellar...TO YOU!  

people are free to say as they wish; HOWEVER, I've yet to see Jernej put together a website as STELLAR as fstoppers. 

As far as newsprint and kids on bikes...WOW not even worth responding toNo one is holding a gun to anyones head to view this website at least I hope not and if so they have bigger issues then writing their silly remarks...So we have two options for you as well 1.  Get a grip or 2. Let go and let fstoppers By the way 8 of my best virtual friends agree with lack of grammatical skill has nothing to with the subjectPPS...your amazing ability to write with such great punctuation is absolutely mind bogglingPPPS...attacking my grammer only makes you look like the bad guyPPPPS...I have to go shoot photos now  

Your logic really is a one-way street, isn't it? You simply cannot apply it to yourself. Fascinating case study. Thanks for the laugh. (By the way, your perception of your public approval is skewed by the lack of a "dislike" option. Pity.) 

It's just that no one has to be here and to  complain about a post is mind boggling as if he is paying for a subscription...and I wish they had a dislike button.

 notice I am ahead by 4 with no margin for error...I rest my case

PS...we both should be doing something more productive than this hard feelings

Always fun to watch two trolls go at it.

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Always fun to watch intellectually tinged arguments seething at the mouth over-simplified to trolling.  Gotta love the internets.

troll...whos the troll hiding behind the M?  

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Dear internet based smartass.

There are two things that happen here: you keep telling other people what they can and can't do, or...

...You keep telling other people what they can and can't do.  It's really not a hard choice.

But while you're at it, move to a place where free speech isn't celebrated, thanks ;P.

Internet smartass...thank you...all the best...M (whomever you may B) 

Or, you could just ignore my silly comments. How about that, Sherlock?
Or it might be best if FS just turns off commenting. How about that? Who needs opinions, right? Long live one-way communication. 


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I'd say the content of the photos is "Crazy amazing". Isn't the content just as important to the photo as the aesthetic? 

A man after my own heart.

Very interesting. pretty amazing how huge and organized it all is

I guess punishment for misplacing anything in wrong shelve etc is too scary and painful, so people keep it in order :P

lol yeah can you imagine being the new guy, asked to find a specific book in that shot of all the books without some kind of map system :)

Incredible to see the world's mall.

After looking at this I can see one of the keys to Amazons success is in organization. 

Santa's Land! All I can think of is a pallet jack, a moving van, and a few hours alone! 

A lot of people complain here about lack of "goodness" in these photos. My question is this - how can you take artistic (wow) photos of a highly utilitarian place while actually showing the bare bones utility. I've seen those great shots of google's data centers, they don't really show the interesting parts like these shots.

Looking at the photos from a photographers view I would have like to see some panos.....

I'd like to see more comments like yours, its a nice suggestion

These are not my shots, but at least some of them were shot in the new Amazon warehouse in Swansea, South Wales last year. I was there at the same time, it was the Christmas rush press call, I have almost identical pictures as we all took turns in the cherry picker. I have to say it was a white balance pain in the arse. But the subject matter makes the pictures what they are. Grand scale organised chaos. It was amazing to see the scale of it all, and it's nice to see the pictures used again.

I did not notice a photographer's credit or did I miss something.