Death Defying Photos Of Mustang Wanted

Death Defying Photos Of Mustang Wanted

Adventurous might be a subtle way to describe Mustang Wanted, crazy seems to be a better descriptor. The daring Ukrainian can be found on his website dangling off of tall buildings with one hand, scaling bridges and parkouring through urban landscapes in search of a personal thrill.

To seem more of his daredevil stunts check out Mustang Wanted's YouTube Channel for videos of his expeditions.


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Adam T's picture

I think the growing size of his testicles will make him fall eventually

If he isn't careful the very last shot is going to be very dramatic and tragic!

If he isn't careful, he is going to really hurt himself...

jeffrey chan tin's picture

You don't say.

Call me square but I don't dig it, it's just not worth it.

One could easily say the same of almost any sport. Hight dives are deadly, hockey can be deadly, sking/snowboarding, motorcross... I gotta admit, I understand why he does it but I'd never ever try anything like that myself! haha

Tobias Solem's picture

If there's no danger, there's no adrenaline rush. If this thing gives this guy a rush and makes him happy. Rather live a short while and be happy, than a long while and safe and unhappy (if those are the only two options that is ;))

Apparently you don't want to be the paramedic who has to pick up his mortal remains ;)

He's done this for over two years, and climbed for far far longer. Sure, there's a risk, there's always a risk. When people die someone always have to pick their bodies up, his case is not unique.

But it is unique if someone else, a pedestrian for example, could be in danger of life because a dafter wants to show off. I have nothing to say against people having fun or expieriencing their boundaries, but if you are risking other peoples lifes you crossed the line. Apart from that, there are people who'd have to see this tragedy: children and other innocent people and of course the casualty doctor.

Tobias Solem's picture

You Sir worry too much about shit that hasn't happened, and is infinitesimally likely to occur.

Why would you need a paramedic when he isn't dead? Just because you do dangerous stuff doesn't mean that you die. He proves that we can achieve more, He pushes the boundaries of our minds. Enjoy it :)

Why would you need a paramedic if he IS dead? A paramedic's job isn't to collect dead bodies

Mark Pearson's picture

I'm no fan of heights, at all. Just these stills make me squeamish, so the photographs "work" from that standpoint.

so your happy when your kid sees this and tries it...
stupid to post such crap.

Not my kid Ass, I from USA Mohamed mahalalalasen

you jelly?!!

Dr.Galactus's picture

I'd hope my child isn't a moron, if they are I'll just have to work harder educating the replacement.

as much as i loved Steve Irwin.....i knew one day i would hear on CNN his demise because of his passion for dangerous animals......

I thought I had placed myself into some precarious positions for a great shot. Amazing but stupid! <a href="" rel="nofollow">Northern Virginia Photographer</a>

Glad I'm not his mother...

since you're a man, it'd be fairly strange..

HAHAHAHA Thank you, you made my day lol

I once thought of one similar to the #9. But these ones scare the shit out!

Only in Russia :)

Ukraina, stupid :)

How U know F... ass?

"The daring Ukrainian..."

Only heard one other person say Ukrainia and she was in the peace corp "saving the Philippines" She also said it would have nice weather because it's in central Asia.
My head exploded that day.